January 23rd. 2016
Frozen Pipes.
Record Cold Temperatures. (-10C~14F)

No water service for three days because the city water meter that was installed on a north facing exterior wall had burst. Phone calls to the city water department went unanswered, eventually contact was made through a web chat portal to get the water meter replaced. It was astonishing how even the most basic everyday tasks became massive chores without a properly functioning plumbing system. Bottles of water had to be carried from a public tap, a block away from the building, up to the sixth floor without an elevator just for flushing the toilet, washing dishes with ice cold water was considered to be a form of cruel and unusual punishment, and thus the kitchen was soon declared a disaster area, also a hot shower was relegated to pure fantasyCould have been worse though, there were horror stories of clogged toilet drain pipes that produced large amounts of overflowing sewage which also became frozen.